What is the most difficult part of creating a web site?

Theoretically, the creation of a web site should be pretty direct. There are the relatively easy and enjoyable issues, such as what you want the site to look like, to the more complex and intimidating issues of functionality. Ideally, these matters will be well coordinated by your web site designer.

So, what’s the most difficult job for you, the client? Without a doubt, the area that prevents most web sites from moving forward is developing the written content for the site.

Having been a web site designer for 11 years now, I’ve seen this scenario time and time again. Clients very often say that they will have no problem writing the material themselves, but when it comes down to it, they frequently become blocked.

There are numerous factors involved in this phase of creating a web site, and when the client sits down to really think it all out, it can seem overwhelming: marketing skills, conveying what the company does, peoples’ apprehension about their own writing abilities, deciding on the correct material and how to organize it – sometimes it just becomes too much and the project gets pushed to the back burner, with the professionally-designed web site left unfinished. And what should have taken weeks ends up taking months.

So, if you want one word of advice about what you should do to start work on your web site, it’s this: start formulating your ideas and writing this minute. Because if you don’t, you may already be behind schedule.

And if you want two words of advice: hire a writer. It will save you lots of time and lots of anguish – and also prevent you from getting those sporadic “just checking on the status of your material” emails from your web designer.

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